Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Movie Was Better Than The Book

A few months ago I tried reading Julie and Julia (I hate when they change the book cover to the movie poster). I just couldn't read it! Julie, the narrator, was annoying and it read like stream of consciousness. So it is slated to make it's way to Half Price Books. But I did rent the movie the other night from one of those $1 kiosks. Well, I have now paid $6 to see the movie since I still haven't returned it! Story of my life! But, the movie was actually good. It isn't going to go down as my favorite movie but it was cute.

Some movies that were as good as the book: The Kite Runner (maybe just because I love the story), The Secret Life of Bees, and Mystic River. What movies did you enjoy as much as the book or walked out saying, "Was that the same story?"

Happy Reading!


  1. I remember reading Memoirs of a Geisha with a book club right before the movie came out. We all went to see it together, and all walked out saying, "What on earth was that? That was NOT the book we read!"

    I also sat through Prince Caspian and whispered in my husbands ear each and ever scene or plot point they made up or got wrong! I don't think I was an enjoyable date that night...

  2. Try reading My Life in France - that's the book that the Julia part of the movie was taken from and it's great.

  3. I had a feeling Miss Julie would annoy me. My favorite part of the movie was Julia.

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