Friday, April 2, 2010

Poetry Pile

April is National Poetry Month and I {heart} poetry. So why not a month of poetry reading? I teach at an elementary school so most of the books in my pile could be used with elementary students but they can also be enjoyed by adults. Poetry is amazing to me- with so few words you can say so much. It's definitely an art. I will be reading some novels in verse and some poetry collections.

Novels in Verse:

Poetry Collections:

Do you enjoy poetry? What is your favorite collection? Happy Reading!


  1. Stopped by from the book hop! Great site, so pretty! Looks like we have a lot of the similar taste in books too.

    As for poetry, I'd have to go with the classic from my childhood, Where The Sidewalk Ends. I know it's a given, but it's the one that's stuck with me and I love all his writing.

  2. Visiting from the blog hop.

    I love God Went to Beauty School, though my students last year did not like the idea of God just hanging out (I teach 7th grade at a Catholic school). We read a poem every day in class, and this year's kids especially like Billy Collins (I pick him a lot) and Pablo Neruda's Odes.

    I'll be back to take a closer look at those poetry books.