Monday, June 13, 2011

You Know When the Men Are Gone

As soon as I finished this collection of short stories by Siobhan Fallon I wrote down a few possible themes that run throughout- obligation, fear, silence, order, family. In the middle of reading this wonderful book I wrote down- "so much left unsaid." Soldiers don't speak of the fear they experience while out on a mission, wives don't mention the suspicions they have that their soldier isn't faithful, families don't share the separate hardships they endured while the other was away. It seems very unhealthy but understood.

Fallon pulls the curtains back and let's all of us look closely at military families- how the wives function and support each other while their husbands are deployed, what our soldiers experience as they fulfill their commitment, how difficult it is for everyone when families are reunited.

This is a timely book that would help everyone have a deeper appreciation for everyone involved in protecting our country.

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