Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best of 2010 and Looking Forward

So it's time to look back at what I read this past year and name my faves. I had a goal of reading 50 books this year and I came really close. The holiday madness seemed to get in the way. I finished book 48 (The Queen of Palmyra) as our neighbors fired off annoying fireworks last night! I will make the goal this year to read 50. I am also a writer and am working on a YA novel and will spen most of my time this coming year reading other YA novels similar to what I want to write. I will also read aduly fiction also.

TOP TEN OF 2010:

Mudbound by Jordan (probably my go to recommendation for friends. I actually read this book twice this year!)
The Sky Unwashed by Zabytko
Carry Me Home by Kring
The Help by Stockett (This was my top fave last year. I read it again this year for a book club)
Chains by Anderson
Unbroken by Hillenbrand
State of Wonder by Patchett (I haven't read a thing about this book but love her other work!)
To Have Not by Lefkowitz (Love the cover of this book!)
Lord of Misrule by Gordon
Half a Life by Strauss

What will you be reading in 2011? Happy Reading!


  1. I hope you have had a chance to read Unbroken by now. What a fantastic read!

    See you on down the road.

  2. Malissa, I come here for reading ideas...thanks! Just finished Mudbound a few weeks ago. I really liked the book and enjoyed the story and characters. I couldn't fully enjoy the read though because I lived through this in north Mississippi as a child and it really hits home. Carry Me Home I loved. I laughed at the banter between the boys as much as anything. The Help I read last year and would like to read it again. Last week I read Wideacre and am on #2 of the series, The Favored Child.